Fixing timezone problems in RocketSales

Sometimes you will run into a problem where events on your Salesforce calendar appear in RocketSales off by a few hours.

So in Salesforce you have a meeting set for 2pm on Monday, but when you look at it in RocketSales it says "4pm".

Usually the cause of this problem is that the timezone setting in your Salesforce account is different from the timezone set on your iPhone or iPad. Now the iPhone/iPad gets the timezone from your current location - it is almost always correct. But the Salesforce timezone doesn't use any location (because it's all in the cloud!).

To check your Salesforce timezone, select "Setup" from the Salesforce menu:

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Pro Features Preview

RocketSales version 1.5 will introduce our new Pro license with additional features. These features include:

  • Offline record editing
  • Support for Cases
  • Unlimited record sync
  • Attach files from Dropbox to Chatter posts

You can checkout a preview of these features in the video below:

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RocketSales customization options

Salesforce is a powerful and flexible system. Trying to squeeze all that power down to a mobile phone or tablet is quite a trick.

Rather than trying to offer the prefect "one-size-fits-all" app, the RocketSales app includes a powerful configuration engine. This engine allows us to easily customize the app to a particular customer's needs.

Adding Custom Fields

If you have custom fields included in any standard object, you can easily configure the app to support those fields. Just follow these steps:

  1. Select the Settings tab
  2. Select Configure Custom Fields
  3. Select the record type you're interested in
  4. Tap once on a field to add it to the display template. Tap twice to also include the field on Read More >
Overview of RocketSales settings

RocketSales provides a bunch of settings to control how the app works for you. Here is a quick tour.

Controlling Synchronization

Use the Sync Settings screen to re-sync objects or access the per-record type sync settings. Checkout the sync settings article for more info.

Changing which records you download

Depending on the size of your company, you may want to enable the Sync My Records Only setting so that the app only downloads records that you own. Remember that even if you download all records, you can always filter to just see your own by changing your list view to My Records.

Showing Custom Fields

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Synchronization Settings

RocketSales works by synchronizing your critical sales records to your iPhone or iPad. This allows you to access these records offline, and to quickly search and browse through those records. 

By default RocketSales downloads the most recently edited 1000 records of each record type: Contacts, Accounts, Leads and Opportunities. 

Downloading more than 1000 records

If you have RocketSales Pro (or a higher license), you can configure the app to download more than 1000 records. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings tab
  2. Select Sync Settings
  3. Select the record type
  4. On the "Max Record Read More >
Working with your Contacts

Keeping on top of your contacts is a core activity when you're on the road. RocketSales tries to make accessing and managing your contacts as easy and efficient as possible.

Finding Contacts

To find a particular contact, just tap into the search field and enter the first few characters of the person's name. Note that you can also search by email address or by their Account name.

In the case where you have more contacts in your Salesforce account than are synced to your device, just tap Continue search on server to run your search against your full contact list.

Adding a new Contact

Fro Read More >

Logging activities on the road

Logging the details of meetings and sales calls right when they happen is one of the great advantages of mobile access to Salesforce. No more waiting until the end of the day to transcribe notes into the computer.

Logging calls

After you call a person directly from their contact record, RocketSales will prompt you to log the details of the call. If you didn't call from the app, just open the contact record and select Log Call from the top-right menu.

Logging a call creates a completed Task record where the description contains the text that you entered. When you log a call, the composer window includes a toggle switch labeled Chatter. Toggle this switch to on if you want the call details to also be Read More >

Using Chatter with RocketSales

Chatter from Salesforce provides a light-weight communication tool that makes it easy for teams to stay connected without having to rely on email.

RocketSales provides access to global Chatter feeds, group feeds, as well as Chatter posts made on specific Salesforce records.

Refreshing Chatter

To get your latest Chatter news, use "pull to refresh" by dragging down on the Chatter list.

Commenting on a Post

To comment on a post, just tap the button.

To Like a post, swipe left->right on the post and tap the thumbs up button.

Viewing details of the related record

If the post Read More >

Working with your Calendar

To view your calendar, just select the Calendar tab. Tap "Events" in the top bar to see your calendar events.

The calendar list shows older events towards the top, and the newest events towards the bottom. Tap "Today" to scroll the list to show your events for today.

Tap the "+" button to create a new Event, or long-press on an Event from any day in order to create a new Event for the same day.

Getting an alert before an Event

If the Reminder is set for an event, then RocketSales will schedule an iPhone notification to occur at the reminder time. If you don't want to receive these notifications, you can disable them on the Settings screen.

Deleting an Event

On the calendar list, swipe left- Read More >

Working with Tasks

To view your Salesforce tasks, select the Calendar tab, then select "Tasks" in the top bar.

The Tasks view is divided into two sections, "Coming Up" and "Past". The "Coming Up" section will show task from today up to 60 days in the future. The "Past" section will show Tasks past due which are as old as 90 days.

By default only incomplete tasks are shown. Tap the "Show all" label to show completed tasks.

Creating a new Task

To create a new Task, just tap the "+" button in the top bar and complete the form.

Marking a Task complete

On the Tasks list, tap the empty box to set a task as completed.

Deleting a Task

On the Tasks list, swipe left-to-right to display the "Delete" button, and tap 
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Working with Salesforce records

RocketSales provides extensive features for working with your Salesforce records from your phone or tablet. There is very little you can do on that you can't also do inside the app.

Viewing records

Just tap a record from the records list or search results to view its details. Important fields are displayed towards the top, and related lists are shown further down.


To download any changes made to the record, or any changes made to related records, tap the refresh button (circle with an arrow) at the top, or use "pull to refresh" where you drag the record view down from the top.

Viewing related records

Any text appearing in ligh Read More >

Finding records with RocketSales
RocketSales gives you quick access to your critical Salesforce data when you're out in the field.


By synchronizing records to your phone or tablet, RocketSales lets you quickly browse through thousands of records, even offline. Go to the records tab, and choose your record type from the left-side menu. By default records are listed in alphabetical order, which usually works well for Contacts or Accounts. To sort by Newest records or Recently Updated, tap the list view button next to the search field. On the List View page, tap the sort header on the top to change your active sort, then tap "Back" to return to your list.

Refreshing the list

RocketSales will synchronize new and udpated records every hour. To make sure you are looking at your most re Read More >

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