RocketSales gives you quick access to your critical Salesforce data when you're out in the field.


By synchronizing records to your phone or tablet, RocketSales lets you quickly browse through thousands of records, even offline. Go to the records tab, and choose your record type from the left-side menu. By default records are listed in alphabetical order, which usually works well for Contacts or Accounts. To sort by Newest records or Recently Updated, tap the list view button next to the search field. On the List View page, tap the sort header on the top to change your active sort, then tap "Back" to return to your list.

Refreshing the list

RocketSales will synchronize new and udpated records every hour. To make sure you are looking at your most recent records, you can do a "pull to refresh" on the records list, by dragging the list down from the top.

List Views

The app supports different list views (record filters) for each record type. The default view is "All Records". Tap the list view button at the top of the records list to open the List View page, and tap a different list view to change your view. For example, you can quickly filter to see records you own by tapping the "My Records" list view. Besides the standard list views, the app supports custom list views as well. List view definitions are as flexible as the ones built into Please send us a message if you'd like to have custom list views defined for your account.


To search for specific records, just tap into the search box at the top of the records list, or tap the search button (magnifying glass image) in the top bar. As you tap letters, records matching your search will be displayed. Search uses 3 different mechanisms to return progressively more results:
  1. As you type - records of the currently selected type which are sync'd to your device that match your search are displayed
  2. When you tap the "Search" button - any additional records of the current type found in your entire salesforce account are displayed
  3. If you tap "Global search" - a global search is performed against your entire salesforce account, and matching records of any type are displayed
For example, suppose you are viewing your Contacts, and you start a search and type 'mark', then these results will be returned:
  1. any matching Contact records saved on your device which match 'mark' are immediately displayed.
  2. when you tap the Search button, then a query is run on for any additional Contact records matching 'mark'.
  3. when you tap 'Global search', then a global query is run and any matching Contact,Account,Lead,Opportunity, or Case records are displayed.