RocketSales provides extensive features for working with your Salesforce records from your phone or tablet. There is very little you can do on that you can't also do inside the app.

Viewing records

Just tap a record from the records list or search results to view its details. Important fields are displayed towards the top, and related lists are shown further down.


To download any changes made to the record, or any changes made to related records, tap the refresh button (circle with an arrow) at the top, or use "pull to refresh" where you drag the record view down from the top.

Viewing related records

Any text appearing in light blue indicates a related record. Just tap the text to open the detail for that record.

Viewing related lists

Related lists appear towards the bottom of the record detail. When there are more than one items in a related list, only the first item is shown. Tap the related list header to expand and see the other items. For example, tap the Contacts header to see all the contacts related to an Account.

Adding a related record

Tap the "+" button next to a related list header to create a new record related to the current one. For example, when viewing an Account, tap "+" next to the "Contacts" header to create a new contact related to the account.

Creating a Task or Event

Tap the "+" button next to "Tasks" and select whether to create a new Task or Event related to the current record.    

Other functions available on records

  • Chatter post - write a Chatter post which is attached to the current record.
  • Edit - open the form to edit the current record.
  • Log Call - log a call or email for the current record.
  • Open in Safari - opens the record in using your browser.
  • Share by email - creates an email that includes links to open the current record on the web or in the RocketSales app.