To view your Salesforce tasks, select the Calendar tab, then select "Tasks" in the top bar.

The Tasks view is divided into two sections, "Coming Up" and "Past". The "Coming Up" section will show task from today up to 60 days in the future. The "Past" section will show Tasks past due which are as old as 90 days.

By default only incomplete tasks are shown. Tap the "Show all" label to show completed tasks.

Creating a new Task

To create a new Task, just tap the "+" button in the top bar and complete the form.

Marking a Task complete

On the Tasks list, tap the empty box to set a task as completed.

Deleting a Task

On the Tasks list, swipe left-to-right to display the "Delete" button, and tap 
Delete to delete the record.

Getting an alert when a Task is due

If you have set a reminder time for a Task, then RocketSales will issue an iPhone alert
notification at the time of the reminder. If you don't want to receive these notifications,
you can disable them on the Settings screen.