Chatter from Salesforce provides a light-weight communication tool that makes it easy for teams to stay connected without having to rely on email.

RocketSales provides access to global Chatter feeds, group feeds, as well as Chatter posts made on specific Salesforce records.

Refreshing Chatter

To get your latest Chatter news, use "pull to refresh" by dragging down on the Chatter list.

Commenting on a Post

To comment on a post, just tap the button.

To Like a post, swipe left->right on the post and tap the thumbs up button.

Viewing details of the related record

If the post was made on a record, just tap the post to view the details of that record.

Using @mentions in your posts

Create a new post, or a reply, and tap the @ button. Select another user from the list. The @mention will be inserted when you save your post.

Working with files

You can attach files and photos stored on your device to your Chatter posts. This is a great way to share files and images with your team so they don't get lost in the email inbox.

From the Chatter post window, just tap the  to open the attachment browser.

Select Photos or Cloud from the top bar. For photos, just select the photo you want to attach. For files, choose whether to download the file from Dropbox or Google Drive. The first time you choose one of these services you will be asked to login to access your account. Select a file to attach it to your chatter post.