Logging the details of meetings and sales calls right when they happen is one of the great advantages of mobile access to Salesforce. No more waiting until the end of the day to transcribe notes into the computer.

Logging calls

After you call a person directly from their contact record, RocketSales will prompt you to log the details of the call. If you didn't call from the app, just open the contact record and select Log Call from the top-right menu.

Logging a call creates a completed Task record where the description contains the text that you entered. When you log a call, the composer window includes a toggle switch labeled Chatter. Toggle this switch to on if you want the call details to also be posted to Chatter. If you need to record other details on the Task record when logging a call, note that you can always press the "+" button next to the Tasks header and create a closed Task with the subject "Call".

Logging an email

If you send an email directly from the RocketSales app, you will be prompted to log the email right after. To log an email otherwise, just open the Contact or Account record and select Log Email from the top-right menu.

Adding notes to a record

To add a note to any record, simply open the record and tap the "+" button next to the "Notes" header.

Recording notes by voice

If your device supports Siri, you can easily log a call or record a note by voice. Just select Log Call or start a new note, then tap the microphone key on the keyboard and start talking. Tap "Done" at the end and your message will be transcribed as regular text. Here are some tips for good voice recognition with Siri:

  • Compose each sentence in your head before speaking.
  • Enunciate each word clearly and speak at a moderate pace.
  • Hit "Done" after each complete sentence and quickly review what was transcribed.
  • Speak your punctuation. Siri understands to insert punctuation characters if you say "comma", "period", or "exclamation point".

Creating new Tasks

To create a new task, either tap the "+" button from the Tasks list or select "New Task" from the "+" menu on the records list.