Keeping on top of your contacts is a core activity when you're on the road. RocketSales tries to make accessing and managing your contacts as easy and efficient as possible.

Finding Contacts

To find a particular contact, just tap into the search field and enter the first few characters of the person's name. Note that you can also search by email address or by their Account name.

In the case where you have more contacts in your Salesforce account than are synced to your device, just tap Continue search on server to run your search against your full contact list.

Adding a new Contact

From the records list, tap the "+" menu and select New Contact. When adding a Contact you can select the Account to link to. Note that you can also add Contacts directly to an Account. Just view the Account details, then tap the "+" button next to the Contacts header on the account.

Editing a Contact

Open a Contact record detail, then select Edit from the upper right menu.

Calling a Contact

Tap a contact to view its details. Just tap a phone number to call that number.

Sending an email

Just tap the email address for the contact to create an email message. The email composer uses the built-in Mail application. If you have multiple email addresses configured on your phone or iPad, then the default address will appear as the From address. Tap this line to switch the From address to a different value.

Send a Text

If your Contact record has a Mobile Phone number specified, then the SMS button will appear in the contact detail header. Tap this button to send a text message.

Logging a Call or Email

After you make a call or send an email, the app will prompt you to log the activity. This creates a closed Task record at the current time with the description that you enter. To log a call or email that you made before, just select the Log Call / Email option from the upper right menu.

Writing a Chatter Post

Select Chatter Post from the menu to create a new post that is linked to the current Contact record. You can virtually send a Contact record to a colleague by using the @ function in your chatter post.

Sharing a Contact record

You can send a link to a contact record to a colleague by selecting Share by email from the menu. The email will contain a link both to the Salesforce web site and a link to open the record in the RocketSales app.

Viewing LinkedIn Details

Tap the LinkedIn icon  to view details for the contact. This function works by searching on Google for the Contact's name and company and limiting the search to This can actually work better than searching directly on because LinkedIn exposes more profile data to Google than it does through its own direct searches.