Salesforce is a powerful and flexible system. Trying to squeeze all that power down to a mobile phone or tablet is quite a trick.

Rather than trying to offer the prefect "one-size-fits-all" app, the RocketSales app includes a powerful configuration engine. This engine allows us to easily customize the app to a particular customer's needs.

Adding Custom Fields

If you have custom fields included in any standard object, you can easily configure the app to support those fields. Just follow these steps:

  1. Select the Settings tab
  2. Select Configure Custom Fields
  3. Select the record type you're interested in
  4. Tap once on a field to add it to the display template. Tap twice to also include the field on the form for the record.

Supporting Custom Objects

We can configure the RocketSales app to support any custom object you have defined in Salesforce. The first step is to send us the definitions for your objects. Go to the Feedback tab and select the Send Schema Definitions option.

After that, just send us a message using the Request a feature button and tell us which objects you are interested. Once we have created the configuration you can download the customizations right to your device.

Please note that custom object support requires an Enterprise license. Contact us about getting a free trial.