Sometimes you will run into a problem where events on your Salesforce calendar appear in RocketSales off by a few hours.

So in Salesforce you have a meeting set for 2pm on Monday, but when you look at it in RocketSales it says "4pm".

Usually the cause of this problem is that the timezone setting in your Salesforce account is different from the timezone set on your iPhone or iPad. Now the iPhone/iPad gets the timezone from your current location - it is almost always correct. But the Salesforce timezone doesn't use any location (because it's all in the cloud!).

To check your Salesforce timezone, select "Setup" from the Salesforce menu:

Now, choose Personal Information from the left-side menu:

and check the value of your timezone setting:

and make sure this setting matches the one on your mobile device.

Under the covers

What's happening internally is that Salesforce stores all timezones in "UTC" - or Universal Time Coordinated. In effect the time is stored a 0 timezone offset. When it comes time to show the event, the website translates the time into the timezone according to your Personal Information setting.

Similarly, RocketSales translates times into the timezone set on your phone. This means that if you travel from San Francisco to New York, then check your calendar in RocketSales, all your events will be showing in EST instead of PST.