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Fast access, anywhere

Our data sync architecture allows you to cache thousands of records right on your device - meaning super fast access, even without an internet connection. Access all your critical Salesforce records and Chatter feeds no matter where you are. Stay connected to your customers and your team. Instant access to critical data means you'll never go into a meeting unprepared.


Everything in one place

Besides your critical records (Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases), RocketSales also shows your Salesforce calendar and your tasks. Quickly create a task or setup a meeting. You even get notifications to alert you that a meeting is coming up or a task is coming due.

RocketSales also includes full Chatter access. Share news and files on Chatter, and post messages to the Chatter feed of your records.

Log activity in real-time

Log calls or emails right when they happen. Stop writing notes by hand and spending precious time transcribing that information later at your desk. Besides call logging, you can create new Tasks, or add a new contact, lead or opportunity.

Update Opportunities with notes while you're on the road - and update status to notify managers as soon as conditions change.


Fully Customizable

RocketSales supports any custom fields and custom objects you have defined in your Salesforce account. Our hybrid app technology - the same architecture used by the Facebook and Instagram mobile apps - makes the app flexible enough to accomodate any customization, while preserving the fast responsiveness you expect from a native app.

Custom fields can be configured right in the app itself. For more extensive customizations - including custom objects, custom related lists, and custom list views - please contact us. We can configure most customizations at no cost.


Universal App

Our universal app works equally well on the iPad or iPhone. Check meeting times or check off tasks on your phone, then browse new Leads or updated Opportunities on your iPad. A true native app, RocketSales fully leverages the capbilities of your device - cameras, maps, geolocation, and integration with other services like DropBox or Google Drive.